Walvis Bay community assisting shack fire victims





Fire poses a serious hazard to shack dwellings in Namibia. Since the beginning of 2017 to date, approximately 120 shack dwellings in Tutaleni and Kuisebmond have been destroyed by fire. The most common cause is food being left unattended during cooking times which leads to open fires. Most incidents happen at night and more than 500 people have been left stranded as a result.

Heeding the call to assist families whose homes were destroyed in a fire that took place on Sunday 25 January 2018, Mr Ivan Marshall, Omwalu Fishing, NAMPOL and the Mayoral Fund provided some relief to those in need last Friday. Blankets, duvets, pillows, double mattresses, clothing and shoes and food parcels were handed over to the seventeen families based in Kuisebmond. Alderman Immanuel Wilfried emphasised that prevention is better than cure and that residents should take extra care when preparing meals and be alert of month-end intoxication which can play a role in shack fires. “We must be grateful that there hasn’t been a life lost to date but still I appeal to everyone, not necessarily shack dwellers only, to be alert at all times when working with heat and fire”. Residents can use their cellphones to call the Fire Brigade on toll-free number 081 922 should a fire take place in Walvis Bay.

Issued by the Public Relations & Customer Service Division