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The Municipality of Walvis Bay is categorized as a PART 1 Local Authority. This means that Walvis Bay is considered a city and therefore the local authority has much more autonomy and decision-making power over the development of Walvis Bay.

Office of the Mayor
Cllr Trevino Forbes is the current Mayor of Walvis Bay. The Mayor is the chairperson of the Council and represents all inhabitants of Walvis Bay in the political and social environment. The Office of the Mayor consists of municipal employees who fulfill a supportive role to the Mayor, ensuring that the daily routine of the Office of the Mayor functions effortlessly and renders a quality service. One of the initiatives of the Office of the Mayor is the Mayoral Relief Fund which seeks to raise funds in support of local charities tasked with caring for orphans and vulnerable children.

Office of the CEO
The Chief Executive Office is the chief executive and accounting officer of the local authority. The CEO administers the affairs of the local authority and coordinates the activities of the municipality. The office also serves as the communication link between the Council, its Management Committee and the departments of the Municipality.
Services such as Public Relations, Customer Services and The Mayor’s Office  resort under the CEO’s office.

The Department creates, implements and maintains sound financial policies. It establishes and maintains operational procedures and systems to ensure that finances of the municipality are run efficiently. One of the core functions is collection of revenue for municipal services rendered. The Department also renders financial advice to Council.

Roads & Building Control (RBC)

The RBC ensures that all structures in Walvis Bay conform to the basic building requirements and standards. The Department also controls the use of land through town planning principles. Services rendered by the department include:

  • Building Plans development
  • Provision and maintenance of proper roads and streets to the entire town
  • Maintaining the fixed property of the Council
  • Rendering infrastructure design services to the Council.
  • It also provides a well maintained and operative vehicle fleet for use in the execution of municipal duties.

Community & Economic Development
The Department provides affordable housing and property solutions to those in need. Other tasks include providing a community support service with regards to senior citizens, the young, AIDS and other social requirements, while increasing and strengthening employment opportunities and business development in the town. Services include business development, traffic control, tourism promotion, fire fighting services, sport facilities and development, public libraries and the local museum.

Water, Waste & Environmental Management
The functional responsibilities of the Water, Waste and Environmental Management include the provision and maintenance of an acceptable site for all domestic, garden and sensitive waste as well as refuse removal services. The Department ensures a continuous functional sewerage purification works, and adherence to the principles of good environmental management. It provides a competent environmental health service, while ensuring a well maintained and effective bulk water supply and distribution network.

Integrated Environmental Policy _July 2022

Human Resources & Corporate Services
The Department provides a client-oriented and cost effective support service in the specialised fields of corporate secretariat, human resources, legal advice, archives and building supervision. It also facilitates services to benefit of the external customers of the municipality, including government ministries, foreign embassies, regional councils, institutions of learning, corporate institutions, non-governmental institutions and the general public.

Erongo RED (PTY) Ltd.
Since June 2005, the responsibility of distributing electricity and maintaining the network in the Erongo region falls under the Erongo RED (PTY) LTD. Municipalities and town councils in the region are the shareholders of the company. However, in October 2010 the Walvis Bay Municipal Council reaffirmed an earlier decision (taken in 2007) to withdraw from Erongo RED. See reports elsewhere. Read more about Erongo RED