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Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Database

Company Business Activities Contact
Naliyade Investment cc Construction, Services, Beauty Products +264 816098665
Terry Terry Trading cc Construction, Welding, Electrical, Carpentry, Mechanical, Renovation and Repairs
Net Engineering and Construction Construction, Engineering, Roads Maintenance, Logistics, Technology, Mechanical +264 813570268
PX Engineering cc Mechanical & Marine Engineering services +264 811557573
Swartkoppies Investment cc Construction, Civil Engineering, Plumbing Services, Paving Services, Pothole
Repairs, De-watering Services, Renovation, Painting, Tilling, Fencing, Skip Bin Manufacturing
+264 812428360
TJE Construction cc Construction & Plumbing +264 814647295
Remember Okalongo Investment cc Civil Engineering, Roads Construction and Rehabilitation Works +264 811241537
S Linus Building Construction cc Building Construction +264 812429604
JJJ Trading Enterprises cc Road Maintenance, Construction, Renovations, Security Services,
Cleaning Services, Electrical Services
+264 816010767
Graphite Investment cc Construction, Logistics, Cleaning Services, Sport & Betting, Electrical
Installation, DE Bushing, Air Conditioning, Supply and delivery of
+264 812171589
+264 0642736300
Chapman Engineering Fabrications, Plate & Pipe Fabrication, Welding Engineering, General
Mechanical Fitting, Painting, Labour Broker, Building
Construction, Fiber Glass and Painting
+264 81 4989120
+ 264 64 204799
Kashikudi Investment cc Construction, Transportation, Cleaning Services, Welding, Electrical
Instillation, DE Bushing, Catering Services, Supply and delivery
of good
+264 812171589
Lutambo Investments cc Logistics,
Cleaning Services, Consultations, Office Equipment Supply,
Catering, Transportation, Bin Refusal Services, Security Services,
Fitness and Wellness, Joinery Civil Works, Printing, Construction,
Renovations, Electrical Services
+264 812594977
Kauzumumue Investment cc Shipwright, Carpenter, Upholstery, Construction, Renovation, Welding,
Plumbing, Catering Services, Cleaning Services, Farming, Selling
DestinyJunior Investment cc Construction, Maintenance, Renovations, Electrical, Ceilings, Tiling, Painting,
Plumbing, Plaster, Transportation
+264 81336194
NBT Quality Services Electrical & Construction +264 64221318
Investment cc
Cleaning Services, Welding Manufacturing and Aluminium Works, Catering,
Décor Services, IT Services & Supply
+264 811462055
Maash Investment cc Cleaning Services, Construction & Renovations, Import & Export, IT
Services, Road Maintenance, Road Cleaning, Supply and delivery of
stationery, Transportation
+264 812170130

+ 26 643209268

Young Dreams Investment CC Construction, Renovations +264 817053366
Didmore Investment cc Construction, Saloon, Supply of Goods, Catering, Restaurant & Take Away,
Boutique, Taxation, Consulting Services, Supply of Goods,
Maintainance & Repair of Equipment, Engineering Services,
Import & Export
Ndume Trading cc Engineering Services, Construction, Financial Services +264 812683785

+264 64221616

Lacoastal  Guesthouse Accommodation +264 815757152

+264 64220503

Levo Dunes Safari Tours -Monster truck drives, Boat Cruises +264 811288292
www.levodunestours.comfacebook:Levo Dune
Tours/@ Levodune,


Lacoastal Guesthouse Accommodation +264815757152

+264 64220503

Amutshila Investment cc Cleaning Services, Gardening Services, Security Services +264 811492683
Two Bros Plumbing Services cc Plumbing Services, New Installation, Renovations and Maintenance, Geyser
Installation and Drain Blockage
+264 8137399
Neolani Trading Supply and
delivery of stationary, Supply and delivery of PPE/corporate wear,
Supply and Delivery of Cleaning Materials, Cleaning Services,
Supply Office Furniture, Supply of ICT, Catering Services,
Supplying Plumbing Materials
+ 264 812143498

RDJ Services & supplies Car Key Supplies, ECU Repairs, Auto Electrical, Auto Services +264 813746444
Enlightment Investment cc Petroleum Services, Vessel Tank, Heavy Moving Equipment, Chemical Supply,
Cleaning Services, Plumbing, Carpentry
+ 264 817256999+264 812960036

Ants Investment cc Outdoor Advertising +264 85011767

Diclas Waste Oil Management cc Ship Repairs, Waste Removal, Cleaning Tanks, Disposing of Solid Waste, Disposing
of Liquid waste, Disposing of Hazardous Waste, Storage Fuel,
Supplying of Sewage Tanks, Supply of workers
+264 8114018823
Ondiiyala Investment cc Cleaning Services, De-bushing Services, Refuse Removal, Catering Services,
Retail and Construction
+264 812437821
Mono Trading cc Catering Services, Event Management, Cleaning Services, Logistics, Drilling
of Boreholes, General Works, Earth Works, Road Works, Road
Marking, De-bushing, Supplying of Steel Work, Plumping, Trash
Removal, Waste Management
+264 814 566 826
Ratual Investment cc Cleaning Services, Medical & Radioactive Waste, Supply and delivery of
safety equipment, Supply and delivery of PPE/corporate wear,
Provision of Agricultural Equipment, Supply and delivery of
cleaning materials
+264 812 632 096
Governor Cellphone Repair & Electronics Cellphone Repairs +264 812 364 867
Mukapa Investment cc Construction, Catering, Transportation +264 811228804
Ramakhutlas Hydraulics Haudroulics Equipment, Pumps, Motors, Valves and Cylinder Repairs, Machining &
Fabrication, Pitch Systems, Hose Assemblies, Hydroulic Design &
Installation, Deck Crane Repairs, Wrench Drives and Gearboxes,
Marine Industrial Hydroulic Repairs
+264 815 573 983
Medicak Care Solutions cc Maintenance and Repairs of Medical Equipment +264 08161113730812700342

Otis Trading cc Network Design, Planning, Civil Engineering, Fiber Optics Installation 7
software development
Koonkondokuliwa Trading cc Beauty Products, Construction +264 812691563
TELG INVESTMENT cc Training academy, Computer repairs, Transport Services , Kindergarten and
Day Care
+264 811492 683

B & A Debt Collecting Agencies Debt collection +264 811286008