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Where do I report vandalism, defaced or broken traffic signs?

The Municipality of Walvis Bay appeals to residents and visitors to report any acts of vandalism of public toilets and other municipal facilities immediately. Such acts of vandalism not only inconvenience residents and visitors, but also place an extra burden on the municipality's resources as the repair and replacement costs of these facilities are very high. These losses are inevitably and indirectly recovered from residents. Vandalism of public facilities is a criminal offence and anyone guilty of such behaviour may face stiff penalties, imprisonment or both if prosecuted.


Report acts of vandalism immediately at the nearest Police Station or phone 201 3111 (office hours) and 081 140 5391 or 081 128 8316 (after hours).

How do claim a credit refund or deposit after disconnection?
  1. Should you have credit left after the final deduction (two months after disconnection of services), you can apply that the credit be transferred to your new account or that it be refunded to you.
  2. Obtain an Application for Refund Form from the Customer Service Centre,or download it from the municipal website. Complete it and hand it in at the Customer Service Centre. You will be refunded electronically, after the application has been processed.

How do I apply for water supply?
  1. Obtain an Application for the Connection of Water Services Form from the Customer Service Centre, or download it from the municipal website.
  2. Complete the form, including the owners signature, and specify when you want the service to be connected.
  3. Hand in the completed form at the Customer Service Centre together with copies of the Lease Agreement and your ID. (The name of the applicant must appear on the lease agreement.)
  4. If the erf is registered as a CC, applicants need to attach a copy of the Founding Statement, the members’ permission, ID’s and signatures.
  5. If you intend connecting services for a business, a copy of the business certificate is required.
  6. If an applicant is connecting services on behalf of a business or individual, a copy of the Power of Attorney must be attached.
  7. You will be requested to verify your application at the Credit Controllers office. Once verified, a deposit amount as directed must be paid at the cashiers.
  8. Take the receipt and your application back to the Customer Service desk to activate your account.

How do I apply for the disconnection of water supply?
  1. Obtain an Application for the Disconnection of Services Form from the Customer Service Centre, or download it from the municipal website.
  2. Complete the form. It is compulsory to include your new residential and employer’s address and the date of disconnection.
  3. Hand in the completed form at the Customer Service Centre. The account will be closed. Remember, you will still be billed for the last meter reading.
  4. Any outstanding balance a month after the disconnection will be credited against your initial deposit.

How do I reconnect the water supply after it was cut?

To reconnect your water supply, the full account needs to be settled and a reconnection fee is payable. Contact your Customer Service officer for the necessary forms.

How do I obtain a monthly bill or account?

About Municipal Accounts

  1. Municipal accounts are posted to the address specified on the services application form.
  2. Inform the Customer Service Centre of any address changes immediately. An Address Change Form can be obtained from the Customer Service Centre or downloaded from the municipal website.
  3. Account printouts can be obtained from any Customer Service Centre at a minimal fee that is debited to the customer’s next account.
  4. It is the responsibility of the account holder to ensure that his/her municipal account is paid before the due date. Failing to pay your municipal account on time could lead to your water supply being cut-off. Failing to settle accounts in arrears can lead to legal action being taken against you.
  5. Remember, there is a month delay in the municipal billing system, meaning the account you receive, for instance at the end of January, reflects the services rendered in the previous month, December.

In a lease, who pays for rates and taxes?

In a lease agreement the owner of the property is liable for the rates and taxes and sewage on property size. The tenant is billed for the water consumption, sewage purification and refuse services. If the tenant absconds or moves out without paying his/her municipal account, the owner is responsible for settling the outstanding municipal account.

When are water meter readings taken?

Water meter readings are taken throughout the month. The owner of a property must ensure that the water meter is accessible. Customers can also send their own water meter readings via fax or the municipal website. When a water meter can not be accessed, an estimate reading is determined by comparing the water consumption trends of the previous months’ readings.

Help, I think there is a water pipe leak underground in my erf. What do I do?

The property owner is responsible for any leakages at water meters or water pipelines in his/her erf. Use a registered plumber to repair the leakage. In some cases you may qualify for a rebate or credit on your account due to the leakage.

  1. Obtain an Application for Water Leakage Credit Form from the Customer Service centre or download it from the municipal website. This form must be completed by the plumber and yourself.
  2. Submit the plumber’s invoice and the completed form to obtain a rebate on the loss of water due to the leakage. This rebate or credit will be granted within three months after close scrutiny of the normal water consumption pattern. This monitoring ensures that there are no further leakages and determines the credit or rebate to be granted.