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Welcome to Namibia’s main port and jewel of the Namib desert, Walvis Bay. Located on the southwest coast of Africa (central coast of Namibia) along the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by the golden dunes of the Namib Desert, Walvis Bay is often referred to as little Dubai. With its strategic location as gateway for imports and exports, Walvis Bay is also a growth hub with great potential for expansion and and investments.


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Tersia Venter shared on: 26 Oct 2017 05:42

Dear Council I am a Lalandi home owner on Longbeach. In front of my property the half built Ocean key constuction site is now becoming a risk to people walking past it to the tidal pools. The sink is eroded and a safety risk! It looks like a scrapyard. This should be taken away as it is also an eyesore to all the owners. This half built building is now standing like this for several years. Is it possible to remove these delapitated sink! Us as home owners will surely assist in this process as to not have another year living behind this eyesore. Are there any plans by the city of Walvisbay to help in this regard?

sanet du toit shared on: 19 Oct 2017 11:31

Good day, I am a single mother who is trying to help others wherever I can. I do not have a lot, but whatever. I was at the childrens home here in Walvis Bay on Tuesday, and it broke my heart to see all those helpless kids with no parents. Is there no way that we can all together start a project to please repaint their home and to give them a proper meal everyday. They don't even have a playground or a garden where they can sit or play. It really broke my heart to pieces to see in what conditions these little ones must live. Anyone willing to donate anything or to just help to fix their home. I saw they are all liying on the floors all over the place, sore eye. You can feel free to contact me. My number is 0811402324. I am in Walvis Bay. Please people let us open our hearts and make it bearrable for these young ones who has absolutely nothing, no toys, food, school,beds, clothes. PLEASE I BEG YOU TO HELP ME MAKE IT BETTER FOR THEM.

Carlos De Oliveira shared on: 3 Apr 2017 09:53

I have a property in Langstrand but live in South Africa. I have been trying to resolve a credit refund on my municipal account since November 2016. After several emails, phone calls and one visit in person in December I still have no answer. On my visit in December I also filled in documents for my posted mail to be sent to email but also no luck. Can someone please help with contact numbers to someone who could assist in resolving these matters.

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