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World Earth Day observed by planing trees at local school

Posted: 22 Apr 2021

Earth Day is an event that is observed annually on 22 April. It aims to raise environmental awareness and inspire action towards preserving the environment and all living organisms.
The Municipality of Walvis Bay, through its Environmental Section and Parks Section planted palm trees today at High Hope Primary School in Kuisebmond in a bid to bring environmental awareness closer to the youth. Five trees were planted to the value of a N$1000. These were the very first trees to be planted at the school.
We can all play a role in preserving our environment for future generations by doing the following:
1. Pick up your pet waste. Whether you take your dog on a daily walk or let them handle their business in the back yard, picking up pet waste is important.
2. Start plogging — that’s picking up litter while out for a jog. And then you can say you’re a plogger.
3. Choose reusable. Try reusable straws, cups, to-go containers, and utensils to decrease dependence on single-use plastics.
4. Donate old clothing and household items.
5. Buy local. Check out a local farm or local restaurant this Earth day.
6. Buy sustainable. Choose sustainable, eco-friendly products when you can.
7. Plant a tree. Trees provide shade and help absorb water that would otherwise runoff into storm drains.
8. Commit to recycling right! Make a firm commitment to only place the correct items in the recycling bin.
9. Use earth-friendly cleaning products. You’ll be surprised by how much you can accomplish with vinegar or baking soda.
10. Try biking or walking instead of driving.
11. Explore local parks. Head outdoors for some fresh air while exploring our local parks. Remember to practice social distancing, avoid playground equipment and wash your hands!
12. Choose organic. Organic farming is better for the environment because it reduces pollution, saves water, and is better for the soil.
13. Save some energy by unplugging from technology.