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Governor Andre encourages Walvis Bay Junior Councillors

Posted: 28 Apr 2021

The Governor of the Erongo region, Hon Neville Andre, held a meeting with the Junior Council today, in the council chamber to share his experience as a leader and to give guidance to the Junior Councillors about leadership. The governor, who was also a Junior Mayor of Walvis Bay in 1999, expressed that he would avail himself to the Junior Council by establishing a relationship with the young leaders. The governor stated that he would like to equip and expose the members to further activities as a leader, which would also aid them with their own personal growth. The governor encouraged them to be responsible and hardworking leaders by sharing the necessary elements of leadership. The governor, who is a keen promotor of the Junior Council system, motivated the young leaders to minimise the social ills in society by performing their rightful duties as youth leaders.