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You are more than welcome to send us any questions or suggestions through the form below. Specifying the subject wil help get your mail directly to the right department. You can also use this form to submit your monthly water meter readings.

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Use the below to submit your water meter readings each month. Submitting your own meter readings helps to ensure that your municipal account's water consumption rate is calculated with greater accuracy. It also helps you determine if their are any leakages and to see how you can save on your water usage. It's good idea to follow a set start and end date each month. For example always take the reading on the 1st day of a month and the last day of the month. 1 January - 31 January.

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All correspondence from this form is treated as confidential.
If required we will respond to your query within 24 hours.

Municipal Services (After hours)
Customer Service 081 124 0726
Credit Control 081 122 0850
Environmental Officer 081 124 3527
Media Liaison 081 124 8999
Parks & Cemeteries 081 149 8761
Plumber 081 122 0809
Public Health Services 081 124 1009
Resorts & Tourism 081 124 3537
Roads & Building Control 081 122 0809 or 081 129 9702
Solid Waste 081 129 9316 or 081 128 8316
Sport Facilities 081 124 0401
Sewerage 081 128 8324
Water Disruptions 081 128 8328
Erongo RED Services (After hours)
Electricity 081 129 3875
Other Emergency Services (After hours)
Ambulance 081 129 6280 / 0859555
ISOS 200 200 or 081 707
E-Med Rescue 081 924
Police 219 048 or 10111
NAMPOL Traffic 081 202 8391
Municipal Traffic 081 122 0821
Fire Brigade 081 122 0833 or 081 122 0888
G4S 213 922 or 081 922
Sea Rescue 208 2221 or 081 129 6295
Namport Fire & Port Control 208 2221 or 208 2265
Namibia Defence Force 219 411 (Rooikop)
Tourism Info Centre 081 128 6713
Pharmacies 081 124 1405

(ABC Pharmacy at Welwitchia Hospital remains open until 20:00)
posterDownload our Emergency Number

Poster. (A3 size in PDF format at 868kb)


Do not allow children to abuse these emergency numbers. A life may depend on the rapid response of these services.

Payment Methods

munaccThere are different methods of paying a municipal account. Accounts can be paid at any municipal cash hall, whether in cash, by debit card or via cheque.

Cheque payments must first be date-stamped by the Customer Service Centre, before being dropped in the wooden holder named “Cheque Payments”. Remember to attach your account to the cheque payment.

Direct Bank Deposit: Complete a deposit slip with the following details at any Standard Bank branch:
Municipality of Walvis Bay
Current Account no: 042 859 778
Branch Code: 082 272

Once deposited, fax a copy of the deposit slip, clearly showing your name, account and erf number. If you have multiple accounts, list the account numbers, erf numbers and the exact amounts you wish to credit to each account.

Internet Banking: Use internet banking facilities to make direct electronic fund transfers to the same account mentioned above. Include the same detail as above when faxing or e-mailing proof of payment.

Use the reference field for your municipal account number. If you have multiple accounts rather put your name in the reference field and separately list your account numbers, the erf numbers and amounts for each account.

Debit Order : A debit order allows for an automatic bank deduction of the amount owed on the agreed date. A Debit Order Form can be obtained from Emily Tjongarero at room 121 at the Civic Centre, Walvis Bay or download a PDF version from the municipal website.

Use the contact details below to send confirmation or proof of payments, or completed Debit Order forms:

Fax: (064) 209 668