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Use the below to submit your water meter readings each month. Submitting your own meter readings helps to ensure that your municipal account's water consumption rate is calculated with greater accuracy. It also helps you determine if their are any leakages and to see how you can save on your water usage. It's good idea to follow a set start and end date each month. For example always take the reading on the 1st day of a month and the last day of the month. 1 January - 31 January.

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All correspondence from this form is treated as confidential.
If required we will respond to your query within 24 hours.

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Customer Service 081 124 0726
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Environmental Officer 081 124 3527
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ISOS 200 200 or 081 707
E-Med Rescue 081 924
Police 219 048 or 10111
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Municipal Traffic 081 122 0821
Fire Brigade 081 122 0833 or 081 122 0888
G4S 213 922 or 081 922
Sea Rescue 208 2221 or 081 129 6295
Namport Fire & Port Control 208 2221 or 208 2265
Namibia Defence Force 219 411 (Rooikop)
Tourism Info Centre 081 128 6713
Pharmacies 081 124 1405

(ABC Pharmacy at Welwitchia Hospital remains open until 20:00)
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Gareth Amos
04/14/2020 10:53:42

Hi. I would like to find out about business zoning but your primary phone line is not being answered. Can you please direct me in terms of the contact person and direct number? Thank you.

01/23/2020 05:42:38

Acc no 046 085 - please can you send me my bill? I have only ever received one bill from you, thank you Dianne

Robert Shituleni
11/07/2019 11:18:38

HI can you guys provide me email for town planning manager regards, Robert

Dario Mike Carlos De Gouveia
03/31/2019 11:21:05

Is there a possibility to have my water bill emailed to me monthly?

Riaan Stols
08/04/2018 06:39:25

The pipe work in Hanna Mupetami Road does not seem to stop. We saw the road closed, repaired, repaired again and again during the course of July. The repairs did not even last a month, and again the road is closed. During these hard economic times, my business feels it even more when customers have a hard time reaching my shop. I could see it in the sales figures when the road was closed the last time. I just hope the road closure now, will not take as long as last time .... Please Walvis Bay Municipality, get it fixed !

07/20/2018 09:09:44

Thank you for availing this platform. There is a particular person who dumps their waste at the corner of 16th Avenue and Mautamanene Street Kuisebmond, we approached them about their actions and requested them to stop but they are continually dumping all sorts of waste there, it is posing as a health risk as kids walk on that particular area on their way to school and back everyday and residence suffer the consequences (smell and unhygienic scene) as a result of this persons behavior. Can someone please see to it that this matter is resolved as I complained countless times about this matter and nothing has been done. It is a residential area and not a dumping site after all.

Katrina Ndamono Sheya
06/12/2018 08:47:53

Why is this web site quite like this? Don't the community know about it?

03/09/2018 08:07:57

Hi, I live at 28 tom swemmer street next to the state hospital, the property behind the house who does it belong to. I see you had it cleaned a view weeks ago . (must be municipality property) Yesterday and today the hospital is dumping their rubbish behind the precast wall at 28 toms swemmer street. Is the state Hospital responsible to remove it or the municipality. I will be very grateful if something can be done about it. Thank you, L Jordaan.

Graham Tise
03/09/2018 06:18:09

Dear Council Walvis Bay is relatively clean town however visitors from other towns and countries know otherwise. They litter everywhere especially the near the port areas. I suggest that the council put up trash bins in the port areas also and have the municipal workers clean in these areas. imagine foreigners come from other countries seeing first when they enter own town. where can we post the pictures?

Paulus Eita Kanyangela
02/07/2018 06:08:49

I have been submitting my meter reading online (on submit your meter reading page on your website under Customer Services). To my surprise no record of the reading I submitted exists since February 2017. When I approached the municipality, all personnel I talked to do not even know there is such a page on your web site. My question is. Why put up a page that is not being monitored or dysfunctional?

Evert Vorster
01/23/2018 10:45:37

I am a homeowner in the Meersig area. When I bought the property, is was serviced with both fresh and recycled water... a couple of years later, after a massive leak the recycled water was cut off. I have enquired about this at the municipality itself, as well as at the water works, but still there is no resolution to my issue. What can be done to get the municipality to restore the services?

Lynda Jordaan
01/16/2018 15:10:45

Hi our surage drain is blocked sins Monday been trying to get hold of the people responsible . The drain in front of the state hospital is blocked and is causing the drain at 28 Tom Swemmer street to block . Phoned on Monday after 5pm no answer, phoned again on Tuesday morning and by 5pm nobody came out to see to the drain. please help.

tarence cook
01/12/2018 09:05:03

the houses that are build in narriville..theres no news or notifications or how to become a owner or any information....later we will just see all the houses will be occupied...and i am very interested in one of that houses...can you please let me know what and how to become in one of that houses

Sandy Hangalo
12/14/2017 06:23:33

Dear council, I am writing you as a representative of a newly established (100% Namibian owned) wholesaler of petroleum products. We would like to help develop the country in whichever part we can, thus we are looking to set up a Petroleum Depot within the town of Walvisbay. To whom can we speak regarding the matter? Regards, Sandy @ PETROBA FUELS (PTY) LTD

Tersia Venter
10/26/2017 05:42:01

Dear Council I am a Lalandi home owner on Longbeach. In front of my property the half built Ocean key constuction site is now becoming a risk to people walking past it to the tidal pools. The sink is eroded and a safety risk! It looks like a scrapyard. This should be taken away as it is also an eyesore to all the owners. This half built building is now standing like this for several years. Is it possible to remove these delapitated sink! Us as home owners will surely assist in this process as to not have another year living behind this eyesore. Are there any plans by the city of Walvisbay to help in this regard?

sanet du toit
10/19/2017 11:31:40

Good day, I am a single mother who is trying to help others wherever I can. I do not have a lot, but whatever. I was at the childrens home here in Walvis Bay on Tuesday, and it broke my heart to see all those helpless kids with no parents. Is there no way that we can all together start a project to please repaint their home and to give them a proper meal everyday. They don't even have a playground or a garden where they can sit or play. It really broke my heart to pieces to see in what conditions these little ones must live. Anyone willing to donate anything or to just help to fix their home. I saw they are all liying on the floors all over the place, sore eye. You can feel free to contact me. My number is 0811402324. I am in Walvis Bay. Please people let us open our hearts and make it bearrable for these young ones who has absolutely nothing, no toys, food, school,beds, clothes. PLEASE I BEG YOU TO HELP ME MAKE IT BETTER FOR THEM.

Carlos De Oliveira
04/03/2017 09:53:34

I have a property in Langstrand but live in South Africa. I have been trying to resolve a credit refund on my municipal account since November 2016. After several emails, phone calls and one visit in person in December I still have no answer. On my visit in December I also filled in documents for my posted mail to be sent to email but also no luck. Can someone please help with contact numbers to someone who could assist in resolving these matters.

Stefanus Styzo Pinehas
04/07/2016 11:01:10

Thanks for the easily accessible,updated and informative website Walvis bay municipality, keep up the great work, it's a good communication platform for the town's residents and as well as for the Investors in our beautiful Oasis of opportunity.

casisu smith
03/29/2016 09:43:41

This is great. the website works on my cellphone! Good job Municipality.

01/01/2016 16:24:51

Dear WB-Municipality, Thank you for your great website and informing us about Walvis Bay. This information is really useful to get to know our country better. Thank you and, Kind regards, Naita

Raymond Dobson
06/06/2014 15:42:06

I would like to complain about a certain Business who operates his trucking business in the residential area. As his business expands, there seems to be more and more trucks gathering in the front of our houses. The noise is unbearable. At which department of the municipality can I lay my complaint? I would also like to add that amongst those trucks is a Fuel Tanker truck. Are fuel trucks allowed to park in a residential area? I will be taking this further if something is not done about it.

Wilma Nasima
04/25/2014 15:43:31

May God lead you in your new position.

Eben Mupupa
04/22/2014 15:44:41

Good Day, We would please like to get more information about the Walvis Bay Fishtival, for example how it came about, how many times a year it takes place and general information about it. Thank you for the prompt feedback. Kind regards, Eben Mupupa Consular Officer- Embassy of the Republic of Turkey Tel: +264 61 246 158 Fax: +264 61 213 096 Address: 54 Toermalyn Street, Eros Windhoek

Gerard Jensen
03/06/2014 15:28:04

We all know that wasting water is not a good idea – but who can you call, if a house that is currently not occupied but in the process of being renovated has water gushing out into the street (here: Hage Geingob Street 154), if the “emergency” numbers of the Municipality Walvis Bay are not answered? I noticed the water gushing out of the premises when I returned home today (04.06.2013, 00:35) but can not raise an alarm. Hundreds, if not thousands of liters of water will go down the drain – and nobody can be bothered?

07/25/2013 15:46:54

I just want to comment in general about so called women’s empowerment and the attitude of women here in this town. In the few years that I moved to Walvis Bay one the main things that irritate me is the women around here! When it comes to employment coloured and baster women with amper-white complexions and caucasian looks are favoured by employers in the private sector and entertainment industry. They get favoured above women from other ethnic groups for jobs and promotion in modelling and other glamourous careers. This is a repetition of the dark days of apartheid! While in other towns in Namibia there is wider representation of women overall, in Walvis Bay the scheme of things are still very colonial. For example, every year the Miss Erongo and Miss Narraville beauty pageant only selects coloured women as the finalists and the winners? They’re getting all the modelling contracts and are made a big fuss of in the local newspapers. And on top of it all what makes my blood boil the most is when we go to the love affairs department, men especially white men are so interested in coloured and baster women with caucasian looks. What is so special in them that the men only want to date them? They are making the dating game very difficult for us from other ethnic groups. A very dissatisfied sister

05/20/2013 15:48:11

Swakopmund is getting its second major Mall. When is Walvis bay getting its own? What are we still waiting for? Who is to blame? We want answers.

Marilize Brown
04/24/2013 15:49:08

This is the 2nd morning we have no water pressure in Meersig!?? I have to be at work at a certain time and cannot wait for water pressure – what is going on?? Yesterday I had to drive to Dolphin Beach and have a shower at my mother’s place. Not acceptable!

Kenny De Aguiar
04/21/2013 15:45:35

It was my 1st time in Namibia & i enjoyed it VERY much. I come from Portugal but live in South Africa for the past 50 years,i will B back I have any thing of interest of Namibia pls forward it 2 me, thanks regards Kenny

04/17/2013 15:59:28

I must say development in Walvis bay was been on a decline lately. Our town has the biggest population at the coast, yet suffer from major infrastructural development. Compared to Swakopmund, we are seriously behind. Small town like Ongwediva has surpassed us. Its all talk and no action at Walvis bay Municipality!!! We don’t even have a major shopping mall with leading retailers like GAME and HIFI CORP. Walvis Bay is a major coastal centre. We need a big flagship Mall to establish ourselves as major player at the coast. People must come down to the coast for shopping purposes, not go to Windhoek. We need a cinema. We are tired of travelling to Swakop to watch movies. Swakop is building malls, when are we getting ours? There are so many open spaces, yet municipality claims there is no land. Take land away from the non-developers or charge them heavily tax rates to start developing the land. We need to seriously relook the business model of the town and bring development to the town. Give land to the investors and stop asking to many silly questions. We want jobs also. We elected you into office and we expect you to act in the best interest of the people and bring much needed development. The North is actually surpassing us in terms of development. Why is development taking forever to occur? I would like to highlight a few issues that must seriously be considered: 1. Fish meal smell is getting really unbearable now!! Kuisebmond is forever covered in bad smell, all because of one small factory located right near the doorstep of Kuisebmond residents. The factory must be removed or closed down and relocated to another place. Preferably downwind behind the dunes. 2. Taring of streets is happening at a disappointing rate. E.g it’s been over 6 months for taring of the road leading to Independence beach. Absolutely disappointing. 3. Servicing of land has completely come to a stand still. This aspect must be continuously happening throughout the year. It must never stop. In the past, I remember the municipality used to push and level dunes to make land available. These days, nothing is happening. 4. Stop resurfacing streets that are in perfect condition and focus on the actual taring of roads. 5. When are the ervan in Kuisebmond, Narraville going to be auctioned or allocated? 6. Kuisebmond Stadium has been under renovations for over a year now. 7. Every time it rains, the town turns into a complete pothole field. Build drainage systems around places were water is known to accumulate. 8. Traffic flow is slowly becoming a problem. With the increase in vehicles at our town, we need to seriously look into traffic management of the town.

H Kharuxas
04/17/2013 15:49:57

Kan julle asb iets doen aan Tutaleni se vuilis. Die drome is gegee maar almal het nie gekry. Dis baie ongesond. Die werkers vat net vuilis in drome en die wat op grond val word nie opgetel nie.dis nou omtrent maand lank dat daar vuilis langs huis sit wat nie opgetel is nie. Hoop dit word uitgesort want walvisbaai is ons mooi dorp

Grace Noarises
03/18/2013 16:02:18

Wow , great work , great minds , awesome Team , keep up !!

Gerard Jensen
01/31/2013 16:03:24

Great. Another failure of the water supply to Walvis Bay – and again an extremely short term notice to all customers: just 6 hours advance notice? Seriously? If this was a planned repair, then who is that extremely smart person that put “oh yeah, and perhaps notify the customers before we just cut the water supply” at the *END* of that planning phase, instead of the beginning? Beat the hell out of him with his pathetic plan! And if it was *not* a planned repair: who is finally going to take responsibility now for the obvious sorry state of disrepair of that water supply for at least the last 10 years without planning ahead any type of contingency plan? Now your customers have to do, what you obviously can’t: quickly rush to purchase bottled water, just to have some to prepare dinner and coffee tomorrow, rush home to fill up whatever containers are there to at least be able to flush the toilets – and then as water supply is restored, make sure they have filtering systems in place to filter out all the gunk you carelessly pump through the pipes to all customers as a “thank you” for their patience – and then have the audacity to call that “drinkable water”. Whoever is in charge of water supplies to Walvis Bay: if 50000 inhabitants are expected and probably can manage to operate on a contingency plan because you can’t do your work – then who needs you in your job exactly? I am severely disgruntled – this is *NO* customer service whatsoever!

George van Straten
12/31/2012 16:04:20

With all the reckless drivers and accidents/incidents happening in the Walvis Bay municipal area isn’t it time we had a control centre established to co-ordinate and control the subsebquent necessary action to be taken. It could also be a place where annonymous concerned citizens could leave information about drug dealers and other clandestine goings on. I can’t recall how mant times I have reported reckless driving to the traffic department, but this number seems to be little know about, and some “self-important” citizens seem to disregard the laws of our country, but these same people are prominent citizens of our town. How will we ever rid this town of the lawlessness unless we all make a conserted effort to take action to end the ego-maniacs from running this beautiful town of ours? I have served this town for more than 20 years, in both official and volunteer position. The politics in each group defeats the common goal of the town. So many have deserted the services because of being “victimised” by the “senior” or popular members’ actions. There should be no cliques. People should be selected and empowered for their qualifications and abilities to do the job, but this seems to be a secondary priority.When will we leave past grudges and prejudices in the past and build a wonderful town with the current good people we have?

C D Matsuis
12/19/2012 16:19:19

congratulations to everyone.You all make a great team. Keep up the good job. wishing you a blessed festive season and a happy 2013


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