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Council Meetings are held on every last Tuesday of the month at 18:00, either at the Civic Centre Council Chambers or the Kuisebmond Council Chambers. Residents, members of the public and the media are welcome to attend these meetings. During these sessions decisions pertaining to land development, the municipal budget and staff matters, municipal bylaws and all other decisions that affect the future of Walvis Bay and its residents are voted on. Typical issues that are submitted for review include land rezoning, large scale developments, shebeen applications,

Members of the public are not allowed to  intervene or speak during these proceedings, but councillors, as representatives of local community constituencies, may request that a particular submission be refered back to MC for further discussions.

Election of Office Bearers
Office bearers are elected during Regional and Local Authority Elections, held every five years. These elections are based on the party-list system, where residents vote for the political party of their choice. The participating parties field and rank their candidates for office bearers during the election campaign. Parties designate their top candidates to represent the party on the municipal councils in proportion to their number of seats. The swearing-in of the new office bearers are presided and ratified by a magistrate.

To be a Municipal Councillor does not require any special qualifications, except being on the top 10 list of a political party (that as gained a seat on the council) as well the conviction, dedication and passion to bring about development and upliftment for the benefit of Walvis Bay and its residents.

The various councillor portfolios (Mayor, deputy mayor etc) are nominated and voted among the office bearers themselves annually. A councillor can therefore be elected as Mayor and may serve in that position for a number of years if he or she is re-elected.  These proceedings are carried out during a public council meeting.


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