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Green Valley (Farm 37)

Posted: 8 May 2023

The Mayor of Walvis Bay, Cllr Trevino Forbes, had an engagement with the first group that will be moving to Green Valley (Farm37)
“Moving to a new environment can be a big challenge. Change can be difficult, but it can also be exciting. I want to take this moment to congratulate the pioneers, the first group to move to Green Valley, which is widely also called Farm 37. I hope that you will create new memories and build a strong connection to your new community, meet new people, and create a sense of belonging for yourselves. A committee will be appointed for every group that’s moving. That committee will be responsible for reporting any illegal practices and ensure that all is in order and done accordingly,” the Mayor added.
The plan is to have people voluntarily moved within the next few weeks. Mayor Forbes also committed to spending a night with the new residents once they have settled in and invited other Councillors to join.
Once the first group has settled, the next group will be selected in the same manner. “We will practice the same model until everyone that needed to be relocated has been accounted for,” said the Mayor.
He encouraged the group to lead by example and take the initiative to keep their property and the surroundings clean, which in turn will encourage others to follow suit.