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Public Notices

Pelican Street (Narraville) – Road closure due to sewer line upgrades

Project Title: W/RB/MWB-74/2020: Replacement of Pelican Street Sewer line part 1&2
Project Site: Pelican Street, Narraville, Walvis Bay
Project Description: The project entails the upsizing of parts of the sewer pipes on Pelican Street, Walvis Bay, using conventional (open trench) method. This will enable better sewer flow and increase the sewer flowing volume within the pipes in the Narraville suburb. The project will be carried out in two phases commencing with phase 1. It includes the replacement of the existing sewer lines and some of the Manholes (MH). The total length of sewer line to be replaced is six hundred (600) meters. During the project time, there will be 24 hours running of dewatering and sewer over pumping in the project area. There will be Heavy Mining Equipment (HME) such as excavator, loader, and Tractor-Loader-Backhoe (TLB) present on site during construction.
The following streets will be partially closed off during construction period as per project progress:
Pelican Street
Attie Carollisen Street
Koedoe street
Harry Van Reenen Street
Kruis street
Schmidt Street
Road access to these streets will be partially affected during the project, but the public (especially pedestrians) is urged to adhere to traffic signs and access restrictions to construction works. Noise and vibration will be experienced and members of the public are urged to bear with these temporary disruptions during the construction phases.
Project Duration: 16 August 2021 to 08 April 2022
Contractor: CSV Construction Namibia (Pty) Ltd
Contact Person: Danie Groenewald (Contractor)
Telephone: +264 81 494 9401
Henok Shikongo (Project Manager – Municipality of Walvis Bay)
Telephone: +264 81 129 8572